You’re in a hard spot. Some of your employees aren’t doing so well with the whole work-from-home thing. But bringing everyone back into your open office space doesn’t seem like the best plan right now either. What’s a business leader to do?

If your employees are happy and productive working from home, this blog isn’t for you. Keep doing what you’re doing. On the other hand, if productivity is down and morale is at an all-time low. If your employees are distracted, lonely, and missing the structure of separate work and home environments, there is a solution. And no, we’re not talking about forcing everyone to go back to the office.


Executive suites to the rescue

You may not feel ready to return to the office. Even those employees who are struggling to work from home may have qualms about business as usual. Those open office spaces that we’ve been arguing against for years, suddenly feel like a threat to employee health. 

Of course, you could let some people come back to work while others continue to work from home. That leaves you with the extra burden of cleaning, disinfecting, and trying to enforce social distancing guidelines while trying to keep everything going.

That’s where executive suites come in. Rent a single office or several, whatever your employees need. Each office comes with that most valuable piece of office equipment, a door that closes. Give employees the separation of work and home that they crave in an environment that doesn’t force them to spend hours in an open office setting where germs can freely circulate. 

Each employee can clean and disinfect their own space as they see fit. No one enters their workspace while they’re gone, so they have complete control over their immediate environment. That’s likely to put a smile on even the most frazzled employee’s face.


More than a short-term solution

You might even find that the flexibility of executive suites remains valuable after the current crisis is over. With executive suites, you pay only for the space that you need. As your business grows and changes, your workspace can change with it. No more three-year commercial rent agreements for spaces that won’t meet your needs in six months.

Make space for your employees to thrive now and into the future. Contact Jackie today and your employees can be in their new offices tomorrow.