“Your daily concern for our operation, your attention to detail, hospitality, concern for staff safety, helpfulness to the 15-member sales staff who would arrive at times unannounced, your willingness to make visitors comfortable and welcome gave us the opportunity to be successful in launching a new market for Humana.

You have rewritten the book of ‘customer service’ in a way that needs to be shouted to the business community at large.” – James W. Beran Virginia Sales Manager Humana MarketPOINT

CPES is a great place to start a business. The price includes office space, utilities, receptionist, and meeting room usage. The photocopier, fax, and administrative services made starting my business much less stressful.“ -Sally Haynes, CPA, PC

It enables us – at a very small size – to look very professional… We truly are what we’re going to become. We’re creating our foundation here. It’s wonderful.” -Tom Wolfe, President T.A. Consulting, Inc.

They offer the flexibility to sign a month-to-month lease. It’s a wonderful place for anyone starting a business or needing a satellite location. The office suites are already set up to conduct business.” – Walter Sims, President North Star Real Estate

“The support we receive from College Park Executive Suites for end-to-end upscale, professional support in office leasing, conference hosting, reception, and business support is impeccable and has greatly contributed to the ability of our company to grow. Jackie and her team work seamlessly with our employees and clients to create a comfortable and professional environment for businesses just starting out and ones with an existing footprint. When it comes to executive suites, the central location, the dedicated service, and the adaptable facilities cannot be duplicated in the Hampton Roads area!” – Penny M., AERMOR