Should you work from home, or work from the office? Many employees facing this choice for the first time are realizing that each environment has its pros and cons. But there’s a third option that you may not have thought of, one that combines the best qualities of the other two. Executive suites and co-working spaces allow you to work when it’s convenient, without monopolizing the kitchen table.

The choice to work from home

In a survey, more than 43% of employees said they have the option to work from home permanently if they want to. But choosing not to work in the office isn’t the same as wanting to work from home. What most people really want is the option to control their work environment. They want to skip the long commute and inconvenient parking. They’re tired of cube farms and open offices that manufacture more distractions than Michael Scott.

Yet working from home isn’t all sweatpants and reruns of The Office either. You have to actually get work done. The piles of laundry, needy pets, and lure of your comfy couch create their own brand of distraction. Plus there’s the whole I can’t remember the last time I saw another human who wasn’t an immediate blood relative problem.

Executive suites and coworking spaces combine the best of both work environments, while eliminating many of the drawbacks.

Distanced but still social

At any given time, there’s probably a handful of people working in your coworking space or in adjacent executive suites. That means you can still get some social interaction. But the group is small so you’re not exposed to (or expected to interact with) huge groups of people who share nothing in common except their workplace.

At College Park Executive Suites, our coworking space accommodates less than 10 people at a time. This minimizes distractions and helps keep you healthy. And every executive suite comes with its very own door that you can actually close!

Convenient workspace when you want it

The classic 9 to 5 work schedule might not meet your needs. Maybe you’re working while supervising kids who are learning remotely. You might be sharing pet or child care duties with a partner who also has a job to do. Or you’re a night owl who doesn’t really get in the zone until after noontime. In these situations, your best work might happen at 4 in the morning or 10 at night. Traditional offices aren’t available during these hours. But executive suites can be.

At College Park Executive Suites, most tenants get 24-hour building access. Plus, whenever you show up to work you can be secure in the knowledge that parking will be easy to find. We have a large, well-lit parking lot with free parking for all tenants.

Out of the office, but not at home

This all boils down to one huge advantage of coworking spaces and executive suites. They keep you out of the office, but also get you out of the house. So, if you need a place to work that’s quiet and convenient, where you can interact with other people on your terms, and never have to shush your dog during a conference call, you might need an executive suite or coworking space.

Contact Jackie today and start work in your new office space tomorrow.