Many workers are nervous about returning to the office. Understandably so. It seems as though every day brings a new, disturbing headline about the spread of COVID-19. Yet, equally distressing headlines about the economy remind us that going back to work can’t be delayed forever. 

As we get back to business, the responsibility of easing worker fears falls to employers. There are several actions they can take to help workers feel more confident returning to the office. Asking and listening are essential first steps. A PwC Workforce Pulse Survey determined that health and safety measures are essential parts of the puzzle, but they’re not the whole picture. Employees also want clear communication and additional assistance to tackle individual challenges that could prevent their return. 

Here are three ways you can start to ease worker fears about returning to the office: 

1. Set universal safety and hygiene practices

Mask wearing, hand washing, temperature checks, employers must clearly state when, where, and how these will be used. It’s not enough to require that workers follow the rules. These practices must apply to customers as well. In fact, 45% of employees in the survey said they would feel more comfortable if customers were required to follow safety and hygiene guidelines. 

2. Split the schedule

Fewer people in the office means less potential for exposure. Consider setting up a split schedule so that some employees work in the office a few days a week while their colleagues work from home. Morning and evening shifts or other such scheduling adjustments may help employees who are managing childcare with schools and daycares out of service. 

3. Give them their space 

Find ways to give employees more space. Reconfiguring desks or adding partitions can help. Of course, the best option is to give every employee an office with a door. If that’s not possible in your current office space, consider setting up a satellite office with CPES. In addition to free parking, complimentary coffee and tea, and high-speed internet, every office comes with a door that can close. Help employees shut out distractions and put their minds at ease. 

Find out how College Park Executive Suites can help you ease workers’ fears about returning to the office with socially distanced office spaces for all employees. Contact Jackie today.