We’ve mentioned the productivity loss, distraction, and health hazards of open offices before. Some businesses haven’t listened. Now, with a global pandemic impacting businesses around the world, employers must act to protect their employees and their businesses. Remodeling your office space takes time, but you don’t have to wait. An executive office space like CPES can give your employees their own office today. 

Open offices reduce collaboration

When open office advocates talk about why they love this style of workspace, they always mention the opportunity for collaboration. There’s just one problem. According to the Harvard Business Review, open offices actually decrease face-to-face interactions by 70%. Why? We can only guess that the overwhelm of being surrounded by people makes individual interactions less likely. Plus, it’s hard to have a conversation when you know the whole office is listening in.

People are less productive in open offices

Many workers hate open office spaces. A study by ROOM found that almost 30 percent of employees feel that the distractions and noise hinder their productivity. As many as 13 percent say they’ve considered leaving their job because the open office is too much for them to handle. 

The most at-risk employees are those with tasks that require concentration. The more demanding a task is, the harder it is to accomplish in an open office. 

Illnesses spread in open offices

When we tell you employees are sick of open offices, that’s more than a figure of speech. These wide-open spaces allow illness to spread more easily. If you insist on an open office, you should probably increase the number of sick days you give employees. They’re going to need them. 

Can we all just agree to skip the sneeze guards that make employees feel like they’re on display in a shop window, and just give them a door they can close? 

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