Staying healthy is a top priority for many of us, especially as we enter flu season with a pandemic still underway. A healthy office routine can help protect you and your peace of mind when you’re working in an office. Pre-pandemic, we would have encouraged you to drink plenty of water, get up and move regularly, and bring healthy snacks to the office. Those are all still great ideas, but you should probably add a few other habits to your routine.

Make cleaning a habit

At College Park Executive Suites, a cleaning crew takes care of the public spaces. That includes the kitchenette, bathrooms, and hallways. It’s up to you to clean and sanitize your own office space. Make cleaning your office a daily habit.

Habits stick when you attach them to something you already do. You can use arriving at or leaving the office as your cue to wipe down surfaces. Pay special attention to door handles and other high-touch surfaces. Even if you’re the only one who uses your office, you can still carry germs and viruses in with you. Don’t forget to wipe down your cell phone. Check manufacturer advice for cleaning products that won’t harm your devices.

Wash hands frequently

You already wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom. (We hope!) But you might want to work some extra handwashing into your routine. Make a habit of washing your hands every time you go to the kitchenette to grab a cup of coffee. During your stretch break, stroll down to the bathroom and wash your hands. You’ll get the benefits of adding movement to your day, plus the protection of clean hands.

Wear a Mask in public

When you’re alone in your office with the door closed, you don’t have to wear a mask. But you should wear one in public spaces. Hang one next to your office door as a visual reminder to put it on before you leave your office. Experts recommend washing your mask regularly.

Keep a spare in your desk or your car in case you forget yours on laundry day. A stash of extra disposable masks is also useful if someone shows up to a meeting without one.

Of course, the best way to protect your health is to limit your exposure to other people. A private office with a door that closes can help you do that. Contact Jackie and claim your office today.