At first you weren’t so sure about working from home. But you’re a solution maker. You’ve found ways to make this work. Yes, your family can no longer eat dinner at the dining room table, but that’s a small price to pay for getting the job done.

Just one thing still makes you uncomfortable. Well, aside from the fact that whoever designed your dining room set never planned for an 8-hour meal with four Zoom meetings. No, what’s bothering you is the way that business has taken over your home life. If only you could shift some of the business functions to another location. With a virtual office, you can.

What is a virtual office?

It’s not the world’s most depressing video game. So what is a virtual office? It’s a service that gives you some of the perks of working in an office without having to leave your house. It allows you to present a professional face to the world while working from your dining room table.

Whether you need someone to field phone calls or want a professional address to receive mail, we’ve got you covered. Choose a virtual office image plan package with services like receptionist and call screening, professional mail sorting and handling, and access to our menu of support services. Get on-demand word processing, faxing and copying, and transcription charged on an as-used basis.

3 reasons you need a virtual office

  1. You’re constantly being distracted. Occasional phone calls coming to your personal cell phone are no big deal. When they happen all day every day, they get a tad distracting. You could get a lot more done if someone answered the phone for you. Unfortunately, your three-year-old makes a terrible receptionist. Let a professional screen your calls instead.
  2. You’re juggling too much. You’re one person: As business owners, we tend to take on everything ourselves. Yet many of us are finding ourselves in an increasingly stressful situation. We have more responsibility, more demands, and less support. Delegating administrative tasks can free you up to do the real work.
  3. You’d like to attempt some work-life balance. It’s hard enough to separate work and home when you’re working from home. Now all of your phone calls and business mail are coming to your house as well. You can’t seem to get five minutes without reminders of that big project or overly demanding client.

A virtual office imaging plan helps you delegate more so you can stop juggling and regain some balance in your life. The best part? Plans start at just $65 a month. Contact Jackie to get started.