Some people love working from home. You are not one of those people. If you have to sit through one more Zoom meeting with your dog barking in the background, and the construction going on next door, and your spotty internet connection making everyone sound like robots you’re going to…seriously lose it.

Deep breath. We’ve got you.

Your office may be closed, but that doesn’t mean working from home is your only option. At College Park Executive Suites in Virginia Beach, we offer executive suites and socially distanced coworking options to get you out of the house and back to business. That means you can choose an office with a door that closes or a socially distanced desk in a shared space.

Whatever is driving you crazy about working from home, we have a solution.

All I do now is work

A funny thing happens when you work from home. At first, it feels like freedom. You can wear your pajamas, skip the small talk, take all the breaks you want. But after a while, work and home start to bleed together.

Here’s a philosophical question you’ve probably pondered by now: If you work from home, does that make home your work?

Yes, yes it does. That means there’s no escape from the one-last-email, can-you-just-glance-at, it’s-due-tomorrow, I-know-it’s-six-thirty-on-a-Friday-but-it’s-not-like-you-have-anywhere-to-be requests.

Check out my sink-full-of-dishes Zoom backdrop

You didn’t choose your home based on whether the kitchen would make a professional-looking Zoom backdrop. But here you are, trying to sit at just the right angle so your new client can’t see the dishes or the pile of laundry that you really meant to fold yesterday.

Wait. Whose underwear is that at the top of the pile?

Take back your privacy with a professional setting. An office with a clean solid-colored wall is exactly what you need. As a bonus, that office comes with a door that can close. No barking dogs, no construction, no kids fighting. Oh, and the high-speed internet means everyone on the call will be able to see your new, professional workspace, not your tighty whities.


I haven’t changed out of my pajamas in…how long?

Having an office outside the house gives you an extra reason to dress up and feel like yourself again. We’re not saying you can’t wear your fuzzy panda slippers around our office. We’re just saying you can wear real shoes if you want to. That little slice of normalcy might be exactly what you need right now.

You might even see other people (from six feet away, but still). Real people who aren’t your kids, spouse, or furbabies. At the very least, you’ll get a smile and a greeting from our in-house receptionist during business hours.

So I have to get to leave the house?

Exciting isn’t it? We’re in VA beach but not on the beach, which means the traffic is lighter and parking is easy. Your rental includes free parking in our large, well-lit parking lot. Speaking of free things, we also have free coffee and tea, a kitchenette, and clean well-maintained bathrooms.

Test it out with a month-to-month lease or claim your space for longer and commit to really getting things done.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning knowing you have a clean, quiet place to work. An office outside the house with high-speed internet, hot coffee, and privacy. Contact Jackie, and make that daydream a reality.