The pandemic may not put an end to office culture, as some media outlets claim, but it has most certainly changed the conversation about workspaces. Smart business leaders are looking for ways to keep their organizations nimble and flexible during a time of uncertainty.

That big, fancy corporate workspace may not be the best investment for your business right now. Just ask REI, they’re planning to sell their massive, custom-built headquarters before they’ve even moved into it.

Three Office Options

Instead of signing three-year leases or custom-building lavish workspaces, businesses can choose an option that adjusts with their changing workforce needs.

Coworking spaces for businesses

You might have heard that coworking spaces are only for entrepreneurs. But why should they be the only ones who get the benefits of a traditional business center at a fraction of the cost? Whether your employees are in the office two days a week or need 24-hour access, you can pick a plan that meets their needs, without committing to a multi-year contract.

At College Park Executive Suites in Virginia Beach, coworking spaces come with office furniture, high-speed internet, and free parking. Your employees will also have discounted access to meeting rooms, beverage service, and a staffed reception area during business hours. It’s everything they need to focus on work without the financial overhead.

Coworking space might be the right choice if your employees are only in the office a few days per week or for just parts of the day.

Executive suites for businesses

Executive suites offer dedicated office space with a door that can be closed to shut out distractions. They benefit small teams that need to work closely together. The privacy of an executive suite is also perfect for an employee who deals with sensitive financial or employee records.

A private office may also help protect employee health. Closed doors mean less exposure to people and their germs! The space is theirs to use, clean, and sanitize as they see fit.

At CPES, we offer a range of office sizes. Small offices are perfect for a single employee, while large offices can foster collaboration among three or four people. Of course, office workers get access to free parking and all of the other amenities.

Hybrid office solutions for businesses

If your employees each have different needs, consider a hybrid solution. You can offer coworking space for those who work just a few days a week while providing a private office for someone who works with sensitive documents.

That’s the flexibility of coworking spaces in action. They give your employees exactly what they need at a fraction of the cost.

Flexibility and other business perks

Coworking and executive suites are flexible and scalable. Contracts may be as short as month-to-month, compared to the 3-year standard in the commercial real estate market. If we’ve learned anything since March, it’s that the business environment can change rapidly. In situations like this, flexibility is a valuable asset.

Plus, since your employees aren’t all gathered in one office anyway, there’s no reason why they have to all live in the same small area. Embracing coworking options allows you to expand your candidate pool. Instead of one big headquarters, you can have several satellite offices across the country or around the world. In the age of high-speed internet, video conferencing, and coworking spaces, businesses should not be limited by geography.

What about work from home?

Since the pandemic hit, many organizations have discovered there are two kinds of employees in the world: those who thrive while working from home, and those who crave the routine that office life brings. If your employees are thriving while working from home, by all means, let them continue.

However, you certainly have at least a few employees who would trade all of their PTO days for the opportunity to return to the office. Why? Maybe they feel more energetic and creative when surrounded by peers. They might struggle to separate work and family when it all happens in the same space. Or perhaps they don’t have the internet speed, work area, or other essential resources at home. Whatever the reason, you can give these employees the best chance at success by giving them a place to work outside the home.

If you’re ready to have a satellite office in Hampton Roads, consider College Park Executive Suites. We offer independent office and coworking space, conveniently located one half-mile from Interstate 64 at the convergence of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk. Contact Jackie today to claim your spot.