More people are working online these days. That doesn’t mean everyone wants to (or can) work from home. Even remote employees can benefit from a workspace outside their house. But first, you have to attract their interest. 

Some businesses are welcoming remote workers for the first time while others are expanding their remote workforce. Many are finding that a distributed workforce works just fine. In fact, Twitter has said that their employees are welcome to work from home forever if they want. 

Of course, more remote work opportunities means your business faces greater competition over remote workers. If you’re looking to hire more remote employees, don’t recycle the same old job postings. Use these three strategies to attract their interest.

1. Use the word “remote” in your job posting 

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many employers don’t do it. If you’re open to remote workers, you should say so clearly. Job seekers often look for jobs based on keywords, and may miss your listing otherwise. 

As the pandemic unfolds, some employers are allowing workers to temporarily work from home. If you expect employees to return to a workplace when the crisis passes, let them know up front. That will help them decide whether the job is a good fit for the long term.

2. Provide the right perks

Many job listings flaunt their cool office culture or commitment to casual Friday. Remote workers won’t care about those, because they can’t take advantage of them anyway. You’re better off highlighting your flexible work hours, digitally connected teams, and virtual happy hour.

While you’re at it, describe how you work and how your new hire will collaborate with a team. Some remote workers are expected to clock in at a specific time everyday. Others have a more flexible schedule. Some remote workplaces chat via Slack and share work on Google Docs. Others use Office 360 and chat via Skype. Cover the details so candidates know what to expect before they apply.

3. Offer them an office

Remote work isn’t synonymous with work from home. Some people who want to work remotely may still need a quiet space outside the house to work. Rent them an office so they always have a place where the coffee is hot, the internet is fast, and the distractions are minimal.

College Park Executive Suites offers small, medium, and large offices in Virginia Beach for one remote worker or a small team of professionals. Contact Jackie today to learn how you can claim a space for your remote employees.