The city of Virginia Beach is slowly reopening from the lockdown triggered by COVID-19. At College Park Executive Suites, we’re here to help people get back to business. With private offices and physical distancing measures, we’re here for you if you need a place to work outside your home. 

Owner and office manager Jackie is coming back to the office full-time on Monday, May 18. Getting back to work will require a little extra from everyone involved. Here’s what we’ll be doing, and what we’ll encourage tenants to do as well. 

What We’ll Be Doing

A cleaning crew comes in every weekday evening to clean common areas including bathrooms and the kitchen space. These cleanings will continue, with Jackie wiping down door handles and other commonly touched surfaces in between.

Our tenants have their own private offices, which makes physical distancing easy. In our co-working space, desks will be set up far enough apart to meet physical distancing guidelines. 

We do have meeting rooms with teleconferencing capabilities. If you would like to use a meeting room, let us know in advance so we can clean the space before and after use. 

What you can do

We ask that you avoid coming into the office if you or anyone in your household is sick or has been exposed to someone who is sick. 

While we are not requiring tenants or visitors to wear face masks, you are free to do so. Just remember that a face mask does not eliminate the need for physical distancing.

Even though we clean public spaces daily, you can do your part by wiping down whatever you touch. Remember that our cleaning crews won’t enter locked offices, so it’s up to you to clean and sanitize your own workspace. Keeping your door shut while you work is a great way to physically distance (and stay focused too). 

We’re here for you

If you need a place to work outside your home, College Park Executive Suites is here for you with private offices and flexible lease terms. Contact Jackie with any questions you have about getting back to work in Virginia Beach.