When you set up a satellite office, you reach new markets while protecting the quality of life and well-being of your employees. A satellite office is a smaller workspace separate from your primary place of business. You might want one to give your business a presence in new markets, provide flexibility for employees, or create collaborative environments. 

Why set up a satellite office?

Gathering all of your employees under one roof used to be the standard way of doing business. Now, with everything going on in the world, spreading people out sounds like a safer idea. 

Plus, a satellite office provides you with a local address. This makes your business feel more approachable–because you are. Customers can call a local number or walk into a local office and speak to someone who lives and works in their community. 

Not to mention, the right satellite office can help you scale your business without committing to a long-term commercial rental contract. 

Finally, you can place a small team in a satellite office to encourage collaboration without distraction. Working closely together, they can get projects done more efficiently. 

Steps to set up a satellite office

Setting up a satellite office is simple, but a little forethought can ensure your business and employees get the most out of the new workspace. 

1. Select your Size

Decide how much space you need. Will you have just one employee in your satellite office or a small team? At College Park Executive Suites, we offer small, medium, and large offices. If you rent one and later decide you need more space, add on an additional office or upgrade to a bigger space. 

2. Address Amenities

You don’t want your satellite employees floating off in space without support. Your satellite office will need the same amenities that the home office provides. Look for a space that includes high-speed internet, VOIP telephone, janitorial, and HVAC services. Perks like beverage service, access to a kitchenette, and free parking can also improve employee comfort and satisfaction. 

At CPES, we have all of those basic amenities. Plus, you can add on administrative services, conference room access, faxing, and copying, and we even have a Notary Public on staff. Oh, and free tech support!

3. Select your location

Look for an office space that is easily accessible for your satellite office employees. It should be convenient for both them and your customers or clients to access. Keep in mind that downtown may not be the most desirable address. Yes, it puts you in the center of everything, but that also means you’ll be in the center of everything. That means your employees and clients might need to fight traffic, dodge seasonal tourists, and agonize over parking. 

CPES is located just half a mile from the Indian River Road and !-64 Interchange with easy access to downtown Norfolk, Norfolk Airport, Town Center Virginia Beach, and the Greenbrier/Battlefield business corridor. 

Contact Jackie when you’re ready to explore options for your satellite office. And check out our guide to managing remote employees and teams