Social distancing guidelines have altered the way everyone does business. Meetings, for example, tend to take place almost entirely online these days. But what do you do when an in-person meeting is unavoidable? There are times when a face-to-face meeting in a professional setting can make a big difference.

In those situations, you’ll need to take some extra measures to protect attendees. And yourself! Follow the health and safety guidelines recommended by infectious disease experts. We’ll summarize them here. 

1. Wear Masks

The CDC recommends that we all wear masks when in public settings. They may feel uncomfortable, but studies show they can help limit the spread of disease. Ask all meeting attendees to wear them. Try to keep a few disposable masks on hand in case someone forgets to bring theirs. 

2. Skip the handshake

Handshakes have long been the business greeting of choice in the western world. Many of us shake hands without even thinking about it. Remind yourself and your attendees to skip the handshake for everyone’s health. Don’t forget to bring along some hand sanitizer just in case.

3. Make some space

You might normally hold client meetings in your office, but experts recommend leaving six feet between attendees. Unless you have a large office, that might not be possible in your regular workspace. That’s why Jackie is offering free use of the conference rooms for all tenants of College Park Executive Suites. A little extra space can help everyone feel more comfortable at in-person meetings.  

4. Limit headcount 

The fewer people you have in the room, the safer everyone is. Try to limit in-person meeting attendees to the essential stakeholders. If you would normally have someone attend just to take notes or observe, let that person teleconference in. The meeting rooms at College Park Executive Suites are equipped with high-speed Internet to make sure everyone can see and hear what’s going on. 

5. Brief the group

In your agenda email or invite, let people know about your health and safety measures. Tell them how they can help protect everyone. Remind them to bring a mask, skip the handshake, and leave space between them and other in-person meeting attendees. Clients and employees will appreciate the consideration. 

At College Park Executive Suites, we’re committed to making space for businesses, even if that space needs to be socially distanced for now. Contact Jackie to claim your office space today.