If you’re searching for a coworking space in Virginia Beach you have options. The question is, how do you find the right space for your business? Some coworking spaces brag about their oceanfront location and others tout their frivolous frills. But we’re asking the questions that real business owners need answers too.

Is the coworking space conveniently located in Virginia Beach?

Sure, an oceanfront office sounds great. Lovely views, surf and sand. But wait until tourist season hits. Just getting to your office becomes an exercise in defensive driving and forget about finding parking. The center of town presents the same problems. Do you really want to fight your way through traffic and pay for parking just to be able to say you have an uptown address?

Is parking included? What about other amenities?

Speaking of parking. Is it included, or will you have to pay? Parking is at a premium in many areas of Virginia Beach and parking fees can add up quickly. You want to be able to focus on your work, not run outside every two hours to move your car before parking enforcement comes around again. Free coffee, essential office equipment, and a receptionist who actually knows your name are useful perks as well. Much better than bicycles and big screen TVs.

Is the pricing clear and transparent?

The rent you pay should always match the advertised price. No surprise add-ons, no extra fees.

Can I connect with a network of business people?

One reason many people choose coworking is the opportunity to network with fellow business owners. While all coworking spaces allow you to rub elbows with other renters, few are locally owned and operated with decades of membership in the Virginia Beach Business Community.

Is it an environment where I can actually get work done?

Wide open work spaces might look nice in photos, but it’s hard to focus when you’re sharing a workspace with dozens of other people. More intimate coworking spaces are better for actually getting work done.

Is it scalable?

You might be a solopreneur today. But what happens when your business grows? While some coworking spaces offer only that. Others provide private offices as well. Look for a coworking space that can support your business whether you’re working alone or with a team.

CPES Coworking Space in Virginia Beach

At College Park Executive Suites the answer to all of those questions is YES. Conveniently located off the Hampton Roads Beltway we have plenty of complementary parking for you and your clients. In addition to free coffee and all of the essential office furniture, you get clear and transparent pricing and a receptionist who has been a member of the Hampton Roads Business Community for more than 20 years. Our clean, quiet coworking space is the perfect place to get work done. And when your business is ready to expand we have private offices in a range of sizes.

Find your new business home at CPES in Virginia Beach. Contact Jackie today to claim your coworking space.