When we talk about scaling a business we often talk about developing new processes or strategies to meet increased demand. All of those are good things that are absolutely essential to scale your business. But there’s another resource that many businesses need that often gets left out of the conversation: space. 

Yes, space. Not the kind of space that astronauts travel through, but the kind of space where you can put a desk and meet with a client. The space, in fact, to run your business the way it should be run.

Give your business some space

To scale successfully, your business needs space. Room to grow and expand. A place for everything. 

Having the space to scale your business makes new processes and operations easier to implement. You have room to spread out and dig into your workflow.

Space also gives you room to get organized which is good for your workflow and your mental health. Research has found that clutter makes us less productive, and it’s hard to be organized when you’re trying to stuff an office full of paperwork into a single file box.

Of course you could just buy a giant warehouse as soon as you get a great business idea. But that’s not just putting the cart before the horse, it’s putting the cart before the wheel. Most start-ups just don’t have the budget to buy or rent a huge space up front. 

The budget-friendly solution

Ideally, you would have a flexible office space. Something that can grow with you, but doesn’t require a huge investment. Say, for example, a rental space that would let you use a small office for the first six months and then upgrade you to bigger and bigger spaces as your business grows. 

It’s the best of both worlds. You get the space to scale your business without paying for more than you need at any given moment. That leaves plenty of extra cash in your budget to buy new software, hire an assistant, or celebrate your success by renting a cotton candy machine. 

The best time to think about scaling your business is before you start to grow. The second best time is right now. Contact Jackie today to get an office space that grows with you.