You’ve heard the buzz about permanent remote work. Some businesses have found that their employees are happier and more efficient when they don’t have to commute to the office every day. Now you’re wondering if long-term remote work is the right choice for your business. There’s no one right answer for every business, but here are some steps you can take to decide. 

1. Consider the pros and cons

As with any business decisions, making remote work permanent has its pros and cons. Consider how important each of these is to your business. 



  • Team members may feel disconnected
  • Requires more intentional communication
  • Less oversight of daily tasks
  • Workers may lack reliable internet and other essentials

Depending on the type of work you’re doing and where your employees live, these factors might be more or less relevant to you. 

2. Ask your employees how they feel about remote work

Some of this comes down to preference. One employee may enjoy being surrounded by coworkers while another is distracted by them. Some might relish their daily commute while others would happily skip it. The best way to find out how they feel is to ask. You can do so in one-to-one meetings or with an anonymous survey. 

3. Explore Your Options

It’s important to remember that remote work doesn’t have to mean working from home. Explore intermediate options like coworking spaces and executive office suites. These might be even more attractive to employees because they can minimize commute time but still have a private, quiet place to work outside their home. Out of the home workspaces can also support employees who feel isolated by working from home, since they still get to see other people face-to-face. Plus, office spaces include reliable internet and other essential amenities. 

4. Consider the cost

What does your commercial office space cost you? Holding onto it may not be worth the price of rent. Especially when you consider the flexibility of executive office suites and coworking spaces. These shorter term leases are often much less expensive than corporate rent and can adjust as your business grows or contracts. 

If you’re considering permanent remote work for your team, explore the opportunity of executive office suites at CPES. Contact Jackie today to find the office plan that fits your needs.