As the world unlocks and we begin our return to the office, many businesses are finding they still don’t need all the commercial office space they’ve been paying for. More employees are working remotely and hybrid work is more common. That means some offices are standing empty.

Since commercial office space is expensive, most businesses won’t be content to let that space go unused. Some are finding creative ways to repurpose empty office spaces and conference rooms. We have our own favorite solution, but first, let’s see what other businesses are doing.

How some businesses are using extra office space

Rather than letting offices stand empty, businesses are getting creative with their extra office space. But we have to wonder if these clever solutions are really supporting their business goals.

  • Building out a library
  • Giving employees a game room
  • Assembling an art gallery
  • Offering nap rooms so employees can get some shuteye
  • Renting it out to smaller businesses
  • Screening movies (yum, popcorn!)

We even found references to some companies hosting weddings or band practices in their unused spaces.

What we think you should do with extra office space

Right now, many businesses are like parents whose kids have finally left the house for good. They’re rattling around in a space that’s too large for their new life. Now, some of those parents will stay in that big house forever. Who knows, maybe the kids and their families will come to stay a couple of days a year. We’ll be glad we have the extra bedrooms then, even if they do cost a fortune to heat and cool. Right?

But others would rather save the money by downsizing to a place that actually meets their needs. We think you should follow their example.

Too much office space? Get rid of it.

Look for a more flexible solution. It should offer private office space for employees who need it, but also flexible co-working arrangements for those who only drop in now and then. At College Park Executive Suites we offer shorter-term rental agreements than your commercial lease with way more flexibility for your employees.

Contact Jackie today to choose the combination of private offices, dedicated coworking, and on-demand coworking that’s right for you.