Next week, we celebrate Earth Day. That means now is a great time to think about ways to make your office more environmentally friendly. The small choices you make every day can help make the world a better place. Here are a few simple changes you can start today. 

Let the sunshine in

If your office has windows, turn off the overhead lights and let the sunshine in. Even on overcast days, natural light is often enough to see by, especially if you’re working on a computer screen anyway. Not only will you save electricity, but there’s also plenty of research that says natural light is better for your emotional well-being and sleep schedule. Both your planet and your body will thank you. 

Pack your lunch

Instead of driving to the local fast food place for lunch, pack a lunch box. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint by driving less. Plus, you’ll save money and maybe even shrink your waistline. Restaurant meals tend to be bigger and contain more calories than you really need. 

Go digital

With cloud storage and digital backups, you probably don’t need to keep piles of paper around the office. That’s a good thing because trees are better at making oxygen than they are at being expense reports. Think before you print. 

Reuse or recycle what you can 

Seek out opportunities to reuse or recycle in the office. You can reuse old papers for notes, drop off used ink cartridges at your local office supply store, and even recycle old electronics. Consider donating used electronics to a local non-profit. It will keep your computer out of the landfill and help someone at the same time. 

Downsize your office space

A big office means you have to use more energy to heat, cool and light it. Consider how much office space you really need, and downsize if you can. Executive office suites and coworking spaces can offer perfect fit office solutions. Contact Jackie to find the office that’s right for you.