Do you need a PO Box for your small business? On one hand, you want your business to look professional. On the other hand, you don’t need a fancy storefront or commercial office. But on the other-other hand, you do want to be able to receive mail without giving away your home address. Is a P.O. Box your only option?

While you figure out where that third hand came from, we have some options that might be better than a PO Box for small businesses.

Why not a PO Box?

Before we dive into the solution, you might be wondering why you even need to consider anything else. Can’t you just get a PO Box and be done with it? You can, but it might not be the best fit for your business. Because….

  • You still have to sign for certified mail
  • If you have too much mail, or a package is too big for your PO Box, you’ll need help from the front desk
  • You have to drive to the post office regularly to pick up your mail

You might be fine with those conditions. If so, a post office box might be fine for your small business. But if any of that doesn’t meet your needs, check out this alternative solution.

Enter the Virtual Office a.k.a. Imaging Plan

A virtual office, sometimes called an imaging plan, helps you portray a professional image even if you do most of your work from the dining room table. It can include:

  • A professional address in an office suite
  • Mail sorting and handling
  • Someone to sign for certified mail on your behalf
  • Notifications when important mail arrives so you can make fewer trips
  • No limits on the size of mail because it’s handed to a person not dumped in a box

Depending on your needs, you can also add on a telephone number with voice mail, a receptionist to screen your calls, and even access to conference rooms. You certainly can’t host a meeting in your PO Box, but a virtual office has you covered.

Even More Solutions

Of course, receiving mail might not be your only issue when running a small business. Where do you meet clients? Do you have a quiet place to take phone calls? Is your home internet reliable enough for business? If your answer to any of these questions is “no,” you might want to consider renting a coworking space one or more days a week. For even more privacy and a door to shut out distractions, consider an Executive Suite. It’s probably more affordable than you think.

Contact Jackie today to find the imaging plan, coworking space, or private office that’s right for your business.