You have many choices when it comes to coworking spaces. How do you decide which one is right for you? For any growing business, the most important characteristic of a coworking space is its flexibility. After all, your business isn’t going to be the same six months from now. The last thing you want is a coworking space that locks you into a structure that won’t grow with you.

Check contract terms

If you achieve your most ambitious goals for your business, you’ll have different needs in six months. You may even have different needs next month. You need rental contracts that can meet your changing needs instead of locking you into a long-term contract that no longer fits. Check your contract carefully to understand the terms. How long are you agreeing to pay for? What happens if your business grows and you need more space?

Think about amenities 

While you’re checking out that contract, take a close look at the amenities. Some coworking spaces force you to pay extra fees for services you might never use. Yes, you should have access to useful amenities like meeting rooms, copy machines and administrative services, but you shouldn’t have to pay for the ones you don’t need right now. 

Consider other add-on expenses too. Will you have to pay extra for parking, reception services, or even something like coffee? The cost can add up if you have to pay extra for these amenities, and added costs can impede your business growth.

Room to grow

Look for a coworking space that gives you the physical room to grow. Today, a place to plug in your laptop and connect to reliable wi-fi might be exactly what you need. In six months, you might be looking for something else: a real office with a door you can close or space for your growing team to work together. Look for a coworking space that offers private offices of various sizes in addition to general coworking space.

College Park Executive Suites checks all of the flexibility boxes. We have flexible contract terms to meet the needs of your business, tons of free parking, a menu of a la carte amenities, and private offices ranging from small to large. Contact Jackie today to schedule a tour. We can’t wait to help you grow your business.