So you’re working on Christmas. Maybe your family doesn’t celebrate the holiday. Maybe you’re celebrating on a different day because of everyone’s work schedule. Either way, December 25th is actually a great time to get things done. 

Here are four reasons why working on Christmas isn’t the Grinchy activity it first appears.

1. Nobody bothers you

It so quiet! No phone calls. No emails. No well meaning but slightly annoying office mate popping in to tell you a story you don’t actually care about. On Christmas, you can finally focus because everyone else is too wrapped up in the shiny new dust collector Santa brought, so they can’t be bothered to bother you. Bliss.

2. Holiday chill

When you’re at work on Christmas the vibe tends to be a little more relaxed. Wear your slippers around the office? Sure, why not. Take an extra long coffee break. No one will notice. The pressure that other people and their demands bring is gloriously absent on Christmas day. So relax and work at your own pace.

3. Bonus time, baby

Working when everyone else is taking a holiday can feel like bonus time. You’ll probably get some things done that you wouldn’t normally let yourself achieve. Maybe you finally clean out your inbox or learn how to insert more than one row at a time in Excel. Whatever you’re doing, you’re going to feel like you’re ahead of the game. 

4. No traffic

There’s no school. Fewer people have to work. And most won’t go shopping or out to eat on Christmas day, so you can get to the office in record time. Skip that blood pressure elevating commute and just coast on in to the office. 

As a tenant of College Park Executive Suites, you have a keyfob that enables 24-hour access to the building. So you can come to work on the holiday if you want to take advantage of all those holiday perks. Just don’t go climbing through the air vents with a Zippo, please. 

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