Your New Year’s Resolution is to get into shape, but your office job is posing a challenge. How are you supposed to get fit when you spend most of your day sitting at a desk? Sure, in a perfect world you would get up extra early to exercise at the gym, or take a long walk at lunch, but those are not always feasible strategies—especially when your bed is so cozy and the weather is still wintery.

These simple office exercises can help you reach your fitness goals, even when life is less than perfect. No special equipment required.

Sneak in some extra steps

Park farther away from the front door. Yes, College Park Executive Suites has a big free parking lot and it’s usually easy to find a parking spot near the door, but you can choose a space at the end of the lot to make the most of your walk into work. While you’re at it, choose to take the stairs instead of defaulting to the elevator. That extra stair climbing is good for your cardiovascular health. If it won’t disturb your workmates, try pacing while you’re on the phone too.

Exercise at your desk

Sitting doesn’t have to be a fitness fail. You can work your legs and core while typing that report. Try some simple leg lifts under your desk. Just raise one leg straight out, hold for ten seconds, then switch legs. Just remember to do the same number of reps on each side. For a bigger challenge, try lifting both legs at the same time. Hold for 10 seconds and release. 

Rise to the occasion

If you’re standing around waiting for a document to print or a client to show up, fill the time with some calf raises. Just stand flat on both feet. Shift your onto your toes and raise your heels up off the ground. Then, lower until you’re standing flat footed. Do this ten times or until whatever you’re waiting for happens.

You can do these sneaky office exercises anywhere. Your coworkers won’t even notice you’re working out while you work. But if you still crave a private space away from prying eyes, consider a private office at College Park Executive Suites. Every office space comes with a door that closes and plenty of floor space. So go ahead, do those planks No one is looking. 

Contact Jackie today and be in your new gym, um, office, tomorrow.