Co-working is an amazing opportunity to move your business off your kitchen table, meet other driven entrepreneurs, and get all the benefits of a business center without having to pay rent.

Of course, you’re also working with strangers (at least at first). Since navigating new relationships can be challenging, we’ve put together this guide to co-working to help make you a co-working MVP.

Clean up after yourself

The Boy Scouts have an axiom: leave no trace. It means that when you leave a campsite you pick up after yourself to such a degree that the next hiker down the trail has no idea you were ever there. That should be your guiding principle in co-working spaces as well.

Put away the stapler after you use it. Wipe up your spilled coffee. Return that business mindset book to its shelf when you’re done looking up that one quote you almost but couldn’t quite remember.

Your co-workers will see you as a more professional, and  more likeable, person.  

Turn down for everyone

You’re not the first to talk to your computer while you work. And who hasn’t caught themselves singing along to the radio station in their heads on occasion? Just remember to keep the volume down.

Everyone in your co-working space is trying to get work done. Don’t let your music, or your phone calls distract them. Go out to the lobby or a conference room to take calls. And use your headphones to listen to music or webinars.

Listen Up

While we’re on the subject of headphones, don’t forget to take those off your ears once in a while. One of the major perks of co-working is the opportunity to connect with other business leaders. Many a co-worker has forged a new connection that helped their business reach the next level. But to make that happen, you have to give your co-working partners an opportunity to get to know you.

So take off the headphones, put away the phone, and get some face-time with the people working around you.

Build Relationships

The coolest thing about co-working is that you’re no longer alone. At your co-working office you’re surrounded by other smart, driven businesspeople at various stages of their professional development. To get the most out of your co-working experience, take the time to get to know them and build relationships.

Now you might be sitting there wondering, how the heck am I supposed to build relationships with a bunch of busy strangers who are all trying to get their work done? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out this blog post on Building Professional Relationships in a Shared Office. It’s full of tips to help get you started.

Make Friends with the Front Desk

Remember to include the front desk staff in your relationship building efforts. At College Park Executive Suites, the owner, Jackie, is at the front desk most days. She’s your go-to person for questions, concerns, and suggestions for cool new services we could provide to make your work life even better.

She’s also an amazing resource for building your networking and finding resources you didn’t even know existed. So don’t be afraid to let her know what’s on your mind.

Contact Jackie today.