a woman uses a virtual reality headset

The term virtual office might conjure up images of VR headsets and the workplace of the future. But a virtual office is actually a money saving hack used by small business owners, and by professionals doing business across multiple locations.

With a virtual office you get some of the services and perks of renting an office without the overhead. You’ll get a local mailbox, a local phone number with voicemail, and access to conference rooms without paying rent on a physical office space.

So you spend less money while looking more professional. That’s a reality we can get behind.

Who needs a virtual office?

Two types of business owners benefit most from a virtual office. Owners of new startups or small, home-based businesses can get a boost of professionalism from a virtual office. Even if you can’t afford or don’t yet need physical office space you can still look like a professional with a business phone number, mailing address, and even a receptionist. Sometimes you’ll hear a virtual office called an imaging plan – because it uplevels your image.

Owners of larger companies that do business in multiple locations also see benefit from a virtual office. You can present a local face to your Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads customers by renting a virtual office that gives you a local phone number, local mailing address, and local person answering your phone. You’ll even get a place to hold meetings when you’re in town

A virtual office can save you time and money while making your business look more professional and approachable.

Save on hiring, training and wages for a receptionist

Hiring and training a new receptionist can be time consuming and cost prohibitive. Instead of advertising for, recruiting, interviewing and training a new receptionist, you can sit back secure in the knowledge that an experienced business leader is answering your phone. It’s all part of the virtual office package.

Jackie Gilmartin, owner of College Park Executive Suites, is usually the one answering the phones. She’s been in the business for more than 16 years and knows what a professional phone manner sounds like.

This is a white label service, which means as far as the client knows they’re speaking directly to your business. No phone tree. No complicated menu system. Just a real, local, professional person for a fraction of the cost of hiring a part-time receptionist.

Save on conference space and professional meeting spaces

You may not need an office outside your house all the time. You may only come to Virginia Beach occasionally and need to meet with clients. As a virtual office tenant, you get access to some real world perks that make coordinating client meetings a whole lot easier and less expensive.

Choose the small conference room or the large one. You’ll have the same scheduling rights as any physical tenant. Plus you and your clients get free parking and access to our complimentary coffee and tea bar.

Save time with Professional Mail Sorting and Handling

>Don’t waste time driving to the post office, looking for parking and getting stuck behind school buses only to find the package you were waiting for isn’t in your box. We’ll receive and sort your mail. There’s always someone at the desk to sign for packages that require a signature. We can even call and notify you when important packages arrive. Need a package or important letter mailed out? We can take care of that too. We get daily deliveries and pickups from UPS, FedEx and the USPS.

The savings keep piling up

A virtual office at College Park Executive Suites gives you access to a whole range of money and time saving resources. We can help with word processing, proofreading, Quickbooks bookkeeping and more. With a la carte pricing on these services, you’ll pay for only what you use.

Need something extra? Just ask. If we don’t have it, you can bet Jackie knows who does.

Pricing for virtual office plans starts at $65 a month. For all the bells and whistles you’ll spend just $125 a month.

And when you decide it’s time to get a physical office, we’re here for you. Contact Jackie today and be operational tomorrow.