So you’re ready to move your growing business into a business center or executive suite. How exciting. But now you have a decision to make. What business center is right for you?

Choosing the perfect business center can be confusing. This one offers free parking, but that one has a great location. This one provides free coffee, that one is right next to Starbucks. How do you know you’ve taken all the variables into account to make the best decision possible?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Download our checklist for assessing business centers and the decision making process will seem like a no-brainer.

Core Services Included with Rent

Rent is a big investment. Make sure you know what your rent covers. Are water, sewer, electricity and HVAC all included? What about internet and phone service? Will you need to pay extra for janitorial and trash pickup? What about parking? Do you have to buy a parking permit? Will your clients need to pay to park when they come to your office? Finally, will you need to buy office furniture, or does your office space already have chairs, desks and other essentials?

If the answer to any of these quesitons is “no,” you’ll need to think long and hard about whether you’re willing to pay extra for these core services.

Awesome Perks and Add-ons

Bare bones essentials do not a happy business environment make. So you’ll want to look at the perks and add-ons that help set one business center apart from another.

Is there a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator. Is coffee and tea complimentary or do you have to pay for it? Remember, a well-caffeinated worker is a happy worker.

Take a look at the lobby. Is the front desk staffed? If clients come in, will someone be there to answer their questions and notify you of their arrival. Do you have access to a conference space to meet with them or to brainstorm with your team?

Finally, what add-ons are available? Is there someone on-site who can provide an answering service or administrative support when you need it?

Asking the right questions now can save you time and money down the road. If you have questions about any of the services or features offered at College Park Executive Suites, contact Jackie today.

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