These days, focus is a precious commodity. You might find that the pressures of a pandemic world are wearing on you, even when you’re not dealing with them directly. They’re fraying your focus and taking up valuable processing power in your brain. As a result, your ability to get work done might be suffering. 

Accept the reality

You might think you don’t have it that bad or that you shouldn’t be bothered by what’s happening in the world. After all, you’re a professional. But the reality is that everyone is struggling to a greater or lesser degree right now. Even those of us who aren’t directly impacted by health concerns or changes to our businesses are feeling the stress of the situation.

We’ve talked to everyone from independent business owners to corporate project managers to CEOs and they’re all feeling off-balance, overwhelmed, and frustrated. So, you’re in good company. You’ll probably do your best work if you accept the reality of the situation. 

Any energy you spend pretending nothing’s wrong is energy you can’t spend getting work done. Accepting that you are impacted and that life is not normal can help you free up some mental space to get things done. 

Set your priorities

Knowing that you may have less energy and less focus to spend on work, assess your priorities. What are your essential projects or functions? Remember that urgent isn’t the same as important. If a request for proposal deadline is looming at the end of the week, but the project is one that doesn’t really fit with your current goals and capabilities, you might be better off missing the deadline and holding out for a more fitting project. Similarly, just because someone else thinks something is important doesn’t mean you have to. (Unless that person is your boss!)

When setting priorities, think about where your home and family responsibilities fit in. Your responsibilities at home may have shifted when work-from-home and remote learning became widespread. Be realistic about what you have time and energy to focus on. 

Most importantly, include yourself on your priority list. You won’t be able to get work done if you’re too overstressed, exhausted, and frazzled to focus. Set aside some time for yourself every day to do whatever it is that makes you feel cared for. Grabbing ten minutes of quiet, even if you have to sit in your car to achieve it, can make a huge difference. 

Get serious about minimizing distractions

We’ve talked before about minimizing distractions at work. Now it’s more important than ever. It’s easier to get distracted when you’re stressed. Your brain is on high alert and looking for excuses to drift off. Don’t give it that excuse. Turn off notifications, put up a do-not-disturb sign, wear headphones. Do whatever you have to do to keep the outside world out long enough for you to get work done. 

Our #1 tip for getting work done

Of course, the best way to get work done is to have a quiet, distraction-free office with a door you can close. At College Park Executive Suites, every office comes with its very own door. Close it to shut out distractions, or leave it open if that’s your thing. Either way, you’ll have a quiet place to really get work done. 

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