Too often deadlines and office politics can push personal care to the back burner. But if you want to do your best work and remain productive, you have to stay healthy.

We spend a huge chunk of our lives at the office. In fact, if you work full time you’ll likely spend 90,000 hours at work over your lifetime. So any conversation about staying healthy has to include healthy practices for the workplace.

Introducing healthy habits into your work day can support both physical and mental health at the office. If you can do just one or two of these a day, you’re office will become a happier, healthier place.

Pack your lunch

The busier you get, the harder it is to eat right. Office mates hawking Girl Scout cookies and that well-meaning neighbor who leaves donuts in the kitchenette don’t help either.

To keep your diet in check, bring a healthy lunch from home. Sure you might still grab a donut. But you’re less likely to pretend it counts as lunch.

Make sure you step away from your desk to eat. It will keep you from eating mindlessly while you work. Plus, it will prevent the dreaded crumbs in the keyboard issue. For more tips on healthy eating at work, check out this blog from entrepreneur.

Get moving

There’s a ton of research to suggest that sitting all day is bad for us. It can contribute to dozens of conditions including obesity and cardiovascular disease. That’s a scary thought considering most of your work happens while seated at a desk.

But finding ways to move can have a big impact on your health and might even make you more productive.

Set an alarm to remind you to get up from your desk. Stand up while you talk on the phone. Take a quick walk during your lunch hour. Even a little bit of movement each day can improve your physical health and your outlook.

Clean it up

Working in close quarters with other people can mean that when they get sick, so do you. Minimize your risk by keeping your workplace as clean as possible. Wash your hands regularly. Keep bleach wipes handy to wipe down community items like telephones and copy machines.

And if you are sick, take pity on your office mates and stay home. Modern technology means that you can get a lot of work done from the comfort of your living room without spreading your germs to coworkers.

Go Outside

A nine-to-five work schedule can sometimes mean that you go to work in the dark and drive home in the dark. That can make you feel tired, crabby, and generally not good.

Sunlight makes it easier for your body to process vitamin D. It’s good for your mood and helps your body regulate its sleep-wake cycles.

So take some time each day to get outside and see the sun. You might go for a walk or just sit outside to eat your lunch. It’ll be time well spent, because you’ll come back to your desk energized and more focused.

Healthy Habits Make a Big Difference

Little changes can make a big difference for your health. Pick a couple of these healthy habits and introduce them into your daily routine. You might be surprised at how much better you feel.

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