Coworking has become the hot new trend, but unlike the Mannequin Challenge, this one looks like it’s sticking around. If you’ve never tried coworking, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. When you could work from home in your pajamas, why would I pay money to put on pants and go to work with a bunch of strangers? In short, why is coworking so popular? 

So many reasons. Here are just a few: 

Networking Opportunities

Coworking connects you with business owners and entrepreneurs in your community. Conversations over the coffee pot can lead to new business for you or a vital insight you didn’t even know you needed. You can build connections for your business and you don’t even have to wear one of those sticky name tags. 

Resources You Don’t Have at Home

You probably have a printer in your home office, but do you have a fax machine, a paper cutter, binding supplies, someone to make coffee for you? Renting a coworking space gives you access to all of that space’s amenities, things that would be too expensive for your home office. 

Space to Spread Out

A coworking space is flexible. There’s plenty of space to spread out your work. You’re Not limited to a single desk stuffed in a corner of your bedroom. And nobody is going to yell at you to move your work stuff so we can actually eat at the table like a family for once. Take the space you need to get the work done. 

Peace and Quiet

People go to a coworking space to work. Which means that for the most part, a coworking space is a quiet place to really focus on what’s in front of you. No kids fighting in the next room, no dogs barking, and no annoying conversations from the coffee junkies at the next table. 

But not too much peace and quiet

At home you talk to the cat, to your computer, and sometimes even to the houseplants. In a coworking space you’re surrounded by people. While everyone is there to get work done, there’s time for socializing as well. 


At College Park Executive Suites, coworking tenants can draw on Jackie’s decades of experience in the Hampton Roads business community. From advice on where to find the best networking groups for you, to help with photocopying and other office tasks, Jackie is here to support you and your business. 

Try out coworking for yourself at College Park Executive Suites. Memberships start at just $50 per month. Contact Jackie today and be part of the community tomorrow.