Complaining about the traffic in Hampton Roads has become a kind of local sport among business people. While some were happy to say goodbye to the commute during the pandemic, many actually missed the morning and afternoon drive. Here are four reasons why working outside the house is actually pretty awesome. Plus some tips on what to do if remote work is making you feel like the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel at rush hour.

1. It helps you get in the right mindset

Time spent driving to and from work can feel like wasted time, but many of us need at least a few minutes to switch our minds from work mode to home mode. The commute to and from the office gives you time to think things through, decompress, and think about what’s for dinner. Such enforced downtime is good for your brain and your stress levels, as long as no one cuts you off on the highway.

2. Keeps work and home separate

When you work from home, the lines between the two start to blur. You might find yourself stopping work to throw in a load of laundry, or pausing family game night to send an important email before you forget. Keeping work firmly outside the house helps some people maintain a healthier work-life balance. It’s the same principle that says you shouldn’t eat in bed. Getting crumbs everywhere is gross, but the real problem is the associations this habit forms in your brain. You might start craving crackers when you’re supposed to be getting your beauty sleep.

3. A Quiet Space Where You Can Focus

Your home may be where you relax, but it’s not always serene. Especially if you share living quarters with kids, pets, or partners, it can sometimes be a struggle to hear yourself think. Even if your office isn’t always quiet, there is an expectation that people there are working. Not, for example, trying to see how high the dog will jump if incentivized with his favorite squeaky toy and shouts from more children than you remember having. That drive to the office is worth it if the destination includes a quiet place to work

4. Privacy for You and Your Clients’ Information

If you’re working with sensitive client or employee information, it’s nice to know that you have an office door between it and any prying eyes. At home, those pesky roommates might not have the same respect for privacy that you do. Meanwhile, if you leave that information at the office, it’s unlikely that your children will mistake client records for the perfect material to make a potentially award-winning paper airplane.

How to Remote Work Without Working From Home

Of course, remote work is still in the equation for many businesses. If working from home isn’t working for you, consider finding a different office away from home. College Park Executive Suites offers private offices and quiet coworking spaces to fit your needs. And our convenient location one-half mile from Interstate 64, makes for an easy commute. Of course, if you want to stop off for coffee on the way home, we won’t tell anyone.

Contact Jackie today and start looking forward to that commute.