When you make your office customer friendly, clients feel welcome from the moment they arrive. That sets the scene for a positive interaction and, hopefully, a long and trusting business relationship. Show your clients you care by paying attention to these details. 


Depending on where your office is located, parking can be a challenge. It’s hard to have a productive meeting if your client is aggravated over parking difficulties. At College Park Executive Suites, we have a free private parking lot. If you’re not as lucky as our tenants, think about where your guest might find parking and warn them of any fees so they’re not surprised when they arrive.

Have a seat

Make sure you have a comfortable place for visitors to sit. You should not need to shift piles of paperwork or throw your coat and purse in a corner to make room for your guest. If you do need to do these things, at least do them before the client arrives so they don’t feel like they’re imposing on your time and space. Also, make sure the chair is about the same height as the one you’re sitting in. Customers get uncomfortable when they feel like they’re being talked down to.

Keep it clean

Visitors will be distracted if your office is messy or disorganized. They might even make some judgments about your work based on the environment. Make sure your office is clean and neat on the day a visitor is expected. 

Ideally, you should keep your office visitor-ready all the time. But we don’t live in an ideal world. Sometimes you’re in the middle of a big project or you have piles of private client information sitting around. In that case, consider moving the meeting to a conference room. These spaces are usually distraction free.

Show your face

Face your visitor, not your monitor. If you need to type notes during the meeting, try using a laptop or tablet. These screens are usually low enough that you can make eye contact while you type. 

Visit College Park Executive Suites

To get a feel for how to make your office customer friendly, visit College Park Executive Suites. Our front desk is staffed by a receptionist during business hours (usually CPES owner Jackie Gilmartin). Her cheerful greeting, combined with our clean, welcoming lobby, makes every guest feel comfortable at College Park. Come by and see for yourself.