Most executive office suites offer virtual office plans in addition to physical office space. Instead of renting a physical office space, you pay for a suite of services. These plans are designed to help even the smallest business project an image of professionalism, which is why they’re sometimes called Image Plans.


What a Virtual Office Plan is

The core of a virtual office plan is usually mail handling and telephone services. The executive office suite will receive mail on your behalf and will set you up with a telephone number and answering service. Sometimes the answering service is a real person who answers the line in the name of your business. Other times it may be a dedicated answering machine or forwarding service.

In business, image is everything. Having an address in an office building can help make your small business look professional and established. Clients are more likely to trust you if you project a professional image.

For a business opening a branch office in another city, an imaging plan can give you a local phone number that makes you seem more approachable in the eyes of local customers.


How a Virtual Office Plan Works

As the business owner, you sign a “lease” for the Virtual Office. In return, you can choose from a menu of services that might include:

  • Telephone number with voice mail
  • Receptionist and call screening
  • Access to conference rooms and Ready Room (private, fully-outfitted office)
  • Professional mail sorting and handling
  • Access to administrative support services

You customize your service plan so you pay only for what you need.


Cost of a Virtual Office Plan

The cost of a Virtual Office or Image Plan depends on the company you contract with and the services you choose to include in your package.

At College Park Executive Suites in Virginia Beach, the price breakdown looks like this: