We’re all happy to see the end of 2020 on the horizon. Likely, the plans you set for this year didn’t unfold quite the way you expected. Now it’s time to look forward to a whole new year. How would you like your business to grow and thrive in 2021? Here are some ideas to help you set business goals for the coming year. 

Be realistic but ambitious

Admit it. You’ve caught yourself thinking about 2021 as a fresh new start, as though turning the page in a calendar could erase the frustration and fear of 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still with us, and even the most optimistic timelines say we’ll likely be dealing with it well into next summer. So as you set your goals for the coming year, avoid magical thinking. 

That doesn’t mean you have to avoid ambitious goals, it just means they should be grounded in the reality of the situation. Planning to grow your client list by attending three in-person events each quarter probably isn’t a realistic goal. At least, not yet. 

Work with what you have

Take some time before 2021 starts to really look at what 2020 taught you. Resist the urge to write the whole year off as a loss. Even if you didn’t achieve everything you’d hoped, you probably learned something. You may have discovered processes, messaging, or systems that you’d never tried before. Consider what has worked. What weaknesses did you discover? Make a list of things you’d like to repeat or reinvest in. 

Keep short-term goals flexible

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that business and life can change faster than we imagine. The best way to thrive in 2021 may be to keep things flexible. Your goals, and your plans to achieve them, will probably work out best if you make them context-based. If you’re running a team, this might mean empowering them to use their judgment in choosing tactics and strategies. For solopreneurs, it means giving yourself the same courtesy. 

You might also adjust how often you reevaluate your goals. If you usually assess progress quarterly, you might start doing a monthly check-in instead. Setting goals for the year might not make sense when everything is shifting so quickly.  

But keep your eyes on the prize

Over the long term, you may hope to grow your business, shift your focus, or achieve other large goals. Remember to keep those long-term goals in mind as you create your short term goals for the months and year to come. Even the most flexible strategy should work toward one of your big goals. 

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