If you’re a business leader with remote teams, you might be leary of coworking spaces. The point of coworking space is to give employees a place to work when they can’t be at the office. Yet some of these spaces have gone so overboard with amenities that they seem to have forgotten there’s work to be done. They promise group learning lunches, places to nap, and ping-pong tables. That all sounds like fun, which is to say, it sounds like a massive distraction. 

Of course you want your employees to be happy, but you also want them to be focused and get the job done. If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, it’s equally true that all play and no work gives Jack’s boss an ulcer. 

So if you’re looking for a coworking space for your employees, you’re probably not looking at the over-the-top amenities. You’re looking for a space where employees can focus and get work done, but also have the support they need throughout the day. 

Maybe your employees are working in a small team on a project with a tight deadline. Maybe you have just a handful of remote employees in a specific area. Either way, you’re looking for a space that offers the essentials – desk, chair, internet, coffee – without going over the top. Your employees don’t really need a bouldering wall to get reports out on time. Do they? 


The Price of Perks

Donuts on Friday or the occasional lunch-time speaker can help boost morale among coworking employees, which is good for productivity. But a head-turning menu of perks can seriously cost your business. 

The cost of too many perks is two-fold. First, they’re distracting. Who wants to be at their desk when they could be sliding down the 30-foot tube slide with a micro brew in hand? Nobody, that’s who. Second, providing all of those fun distractions costs money. Either the coworking space has to charge you for them, or they have to overbook resulting in overcrowding. 

So you can pay extra to have distracted employees working in an overcrowded space, or, you can make a better choice. 


A Coworking Space Designed for Productivity

What do your remote employees actually need in a coworking space? They need room to work, and a quiet environment in which to do it. They need internet and other utilities. Most benefit from some ready source of caffeine. Free coffee and tea is a perk that helps rather than hindering. 

In a perfect world, they’d also get the support of a local business owner who knows the business community and can connect them with available resources. In short, your remote employees need College Park Executive Suites. 

Contact Jackie today and get your remote employees in our quiet, focused coworking space tomorrow.