You made smart choices when you started your business. Instead of renting a huge space or buying a building that you could grow into, you found a small office that met your needs today. Now your business is growing but your office space isn’t. 

What’s a business owner to do? These five small office solutions will help you find extra office space as your business expands. 


1. Think Vertical

If your office space is just a little tight, some basic reorganization may be enough to solve your problem. Wall space is the most wasted space in most offices. Walls aren’t just for hanging your business license. Instead, think of every wall as an opportunity for storage. Fill the space from floor to ceiling. Bookcases, stackable storage and other tall storage solutions can help you make some floor space in your office. 


2. Co-work It Out

If you suddenly need more employees than your space can hold, consider setting some of those employees up in a nearby coworking space. They can still come to meetings and communicate in person when needed. But they also have space to spread out when they have work to do. This works best if everyone in your business has their own projects to work on. For those that need to work more closely, consider solution number five below. 


3. Find Your Multi-Purpose 

Look for office tools and furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Can that bookcase also be a printer stand? Can you find chairs with hidden storage? Utilize every inch of space with office furniture that works for you. Not only will you be able to store more, you’ll also have an office you’re proud to bring clients into. 


4. Think It Through

The longer you’ve been in your office, the more stuff you accumulate. If your office is feeling cramped, think through your day-to-day routine. Which items do you actually use everyday? Which ones are occasional use, and which are you keeping around just because you haven’t bothered to get rid of them yet? Remove anything that isn’t essential to your daily work. If you have tax records or other essential paperwork that you can’t throw away but don’t need to access regularly, consider storing them off-site to save space. This might mean giving up some space in your attic at home or renting a small storage space. 


5. Get Flexible

The best way to make sure you never outgrow your office is to find an office space that can grow with you. At College Park Executive Suites we have the office space to fit your budget. Whether you need an occasional desk in our coworking space or a couple of rooms big enough to accommodate four people each you’ll find it here. Lease your space month to month or save money with a six month or year-long lease. When you’re ready to expand, we’ll have a space for you. 

Contact Jackie today and start working in an office that fits your business tomorrow.