They come around so quickly, don’t they? But it’s finally April!

And another week brings more challenges. Of course, my challenges remain those of filling my spaces. I’m always looking to fill spaces, whether by motivated entrepreneurs or larger companies that need space for field employees or until their regular space becomes available.

I had a nice surprise, though. A broker contacted me about one of his client companies renting several offices for a year. That would be SWEET! But I’ve learned better than to count any eggs before they’re hatched. But one can hope. <sigh>

The national news also brought another challenge: the office superstore giant Staples has announced it’s going to convert its extra store space into office space, collaborating with Workbar in the Boston area for a test. From what I read, they’re joining the current trend of flexible work space, where people pay a monthly fee and can drop in to use the space as needed. That brings a few questions to mind:

How will that work for people who need privacy? Not everyone can work with the distractions of a retail space. Of course, they will build in some kind of a division, but unless you’re in a private meeting (using a conference room), you’re probably out in the open. I know it’s supposedly how the younger people like to work, but I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would appreciate some privacy when they’re working! I’ve also read articles about how some people hate the entire open work space concept. Yes, it well enables collaboration and cooperation, but it often hinders concentration.

Another question: We’re now a society that “Googles” everything. When you state your office address, what shows up on the street view with Google Maps? Will it show a Staples store? “How does that work for ya?”

I’ll freely admit I’m somewhat of an old-fashioned woman. Maybe I can’t get with the times as much as I should. But I really don’t think all the “old” ways of officing need to be overlooked and discarded. There will always be people who need their privacy, need a quiet place to work, a place to call their own. There are businesses and industries that require the same.