I’ve been hearing about other business centers and how they don’t always tell you everything before you “sign on the dotted line.” They may not tell you what your total monthly invoice will be, what all is included or not. You can’t know the atmosphere of the place until you’re working there.

When I talk to prospects, I always tell them what their monthly invoice will be and what I cannot include: postage, copying, FedEx/UPS charges…..the costs over which I have no control because I don’t know what tenants will do each month. However, most of my tenants get the exact same invoice month after month. There are no hidden or secret add-on costs.

So here is what you can expect from College Park Executive Suites:

  • Rent that includes all utilities, telephone and Internet connections, faxing, furniture, and janitorial and receptionist services — and conference room time if you need it;
  • Your monthly rent will be what you agree to. The only “unknown” or “unexpected” expenses will be copies, postage and other such incidentals.
  • A low-key professional environment in which to conduct your business;
  • Privacy when you need it — a cooperative atmosphere when you want it;
  • A personal touch and attention from the local business owner, allowing for the arrangement that works for you;
  • A convenient and easily accessible location for yourself and your clients – away from the heavy traffic congestion of traditional business centers such as Town Center Virginia Beach, downtown Norfolk, and the Greenbrier/Battlefield corridors of Chesapeake

It’s up to prospective tenants to decide their expectations and priorities. Price? Image? Convenience? Location? Professionalism? Working with a locally-owned business?

So what’s important to you and your business?