Showing your employees you appreciate them has never been more important. The COVID-19 crisis is creating fear and uncertainty for many employees. In some industries, employees are pulling double shifts. In others, they’ve been asked to navigate the new challenge of working from home. Meanwhile, everyone is worried about their health and their paychecks. 

On one hand, employees who feel recognized work harder. In fact, 40% of workers say they’d do more if they were recognized more often. On the other hand, recognizing good work is just the right thing to do. Put those hands together and you get a round of applause for your employees. Here are some things you can do as an employer to show your staff how much you appreciate their hard work during this difficult time. 

Offer paid sick time or vacation days

With a public health crisis on everyone’s mind, paid sick time is a valuable way to protect your employees and customers. Your employees shouldn’t feel like they have to come into work while sick just so they can make their car payment. Paid sick time and paid vacation days let employees know you care about both their physical and emotional health. Reduce barriers to leave so employees can keep themselves and their families healthy. 

Increase pay for in-demand roles

Grocery stores, trucking companies and other high-demand industries are increasing hourly wages during the COVID-19 emergency. This isn’t a viable strategy for all employers, but it’s worth considering if you have employees offering essential services in difficult circumstances. 

Highlight the good

Publicly recognizing an employee’s good work is always a good idea. It improves morale and builds trust. One study found that 86% of employees recognized in the last month trust their bosses and colleagues more. 

When the news is full of doom and gloom, some sincere appreciation can help everyone feel better. Plus, sharing good news that’s happening in your company creates some joy in an otherwise stressful day.

Consider recognizing employees with a company-wide email, social media post, or shout-out during a conference call. Give specific praise for a specific action so everyone can see that you’ve chosen the person thoughtfully and not just to fill an “employee of the month” quota.

Give hands-off gifts

If you would normally give a plaque, candy, or gift card to show employee appreciation, consider digital versions of these traditional gifts. Digital gift cards can be sent through email, no envelope required. Replace a plaque with a digital badge that employees can include on their intraweb profile. Give a donation in the employee’s name to a charity they support. 

We at College Park Executive Suites appreciate everyone who is working hard to keep business running during the COVID-19 crisis. Contact Jackie and let us know what we can do to support you.