You spend a huge percentage of your life in the office and it’s almost impossible not to leave your mark on the space. From your snarky coffee cup to your computer background, your personality shines through. If you want to make yourself even more comfortable and productive at work, personalizing your workspace may be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Not only does being surrounded by your troll collection make you feel happier. There’s also some evidence that it will help you work harder and connect more easily with your coworkers. Of course, your office is still a place of business, so you’ll need to strike a balance between professionalism and letting your freak flag fly. Here are some tips to help you do that.


Focus on function first. Your office can be magazine-worthy, but if you can’t actually get work done there, what’s the point? Evaluate everything you bring into your office based on whether it makes your life easier or harder, then consider whether it looks pretty.

Do: Bring in items that make you feel comfortable.
Don’t: Remove your desk from the space because it ruins the Feng Shui.


Get organized. What do you need to keep your office organized and functional? Inboxes, desk organizers and office supplies can all be customized with colors and styles. It’s a simple way to show off your personality without overwhelming your work space.

Do: Keep useful objects within reach and sort your stuff based on how you use it.
Don’t: Buy individual decorative boxes for every paperclip.


Picture this. Keeping a photo of your kids, pets or significant other by your desk reminds you why you come to work each day. But make sure the photos are appropriate for the workplace. That photo of your kids in the tub is probably better suited to a family photo album.

Do: Have a picture of your family on your desk or wall.
Don’t: Cover every available surface with embarrassing family photos.


Make it inviting. If you often, or even just occasionally, meet with clients, coworkers or teammates in your office, make sure there’s room for them to sit. Think about what the seating arrangements say about you. Putting a monitor between you and the other person may make them feel like you’re not paying attention. Putting a desk between you might make them feel like they’re in an interview.

Do: Have a handy chair for guests.
Don’t: Use that chair as a coat rack, lunch storage, or temporary filing cabinet.


Grow your own. Plants. They’re healthy, they relax you, and they remind you that there is life outside the office. Just don’t go crazy. One or two easy-to-care-for plants are fine. A whole greenhouse worth of violets, maybe not. Remember that some people have allergies, so steer away from plants with strong smells or lots of pollen. Succulents and cacti are usually a good option and tend to be easy to care for.

Do: Add one or two easy-to-care-for plants to your office.
Don’t: Turn your office into an allergy-inducing greenhouse.


For every office decorating decision you ask yourself: Is it functional? Is it professional? Does it make me happy? If the answer to all three questions is yes, you can’t go wrong.

At College Park Executive Suites our offices come fully furnished and ready for you to decorate with your personality. Call Jackie today and be in your office tomorrow.