The holidays are coming and now is the time to think about those Christmas lists. With all the decorating, shopping and party going, work may be the last thing on your mind, but these must-have items for the office are just what Santa has been looking for.

Desk Organizer

We may be in the digital age, but somehow that still generates a lot of paperwork. A desk organizer is a great way to keep your desk a little tidier and your sanity a little more intact during the hectic holiday season.

We love the Poppin Home Base Desk Set. For a few dollars more than a simple plastic file organizer, you can get a stylish and functional set that keeps papers, pens, mail and almost anything else you can think of neatly in line.

What makes this set super versatile is the silicone “grip grass.” It looks pretty strange but it holds absolutely anything.

Our biggest complaint is that it’s so easy to stick mail into the organizer that we sometimes forget what we left there.

Comfy Desk Chair

At College Park Executive Suites we provide comfy desk chairs, but if you’re working somewhere else, you may need to invest in one of your own.  Desk chairs range in price from $25 to thousands of dollars.

For about $300 you can get a comfy, durable chair that will last you years. One of our previous tenants has been using a Eurostyle Bungie Chair that she’s still raving about after three years. These chairs have bungie cords instead of cushioned seats, so they adjust with you, keeping you from getting uncomfortable.

Plus, they look really cool.

Great Headphones

If you’re co-working or sharing an office, a great set of headphones is an essential aid to focus. While networking and sharing ideas is valuable, you also need to be able to shut out the world and get some work done once in awhile.

After an exhaustive search we’ve found a pair of headphones that fit the bill: the TaoTronics Overear Bluetooth Headphones.  They fit over your ears so office mates can clearly see that you’re in don’t-bother-me mode, but they’re not noise canceling, so you can still hear if the phone rings.

While the sound quality is a solid six out of ten, they score high in versatility. You can pair them with your computer or cell phone via Bluetooth, or use the included aux cable to plug them in.

Stylish Laptop Transport

To get your laptop, papers and other essentials to and from the office, you need a stylish yet versatile bag. Backpacks are becoming ever more popular for professionals, and we’re not talking Lisa Frank here. Backpacks can be classy, professional, and have room for your laptop. They’re one of the most important items for the office. 

Men and women alike will love the stylish versatility that comes with a great quality convertible briefcase/backpack. We like the Solo Duane convertible. It comes with a shoulder strap for meetings and hideaway backpack straps for ease of carry on public transport or an airplane. Plus it’s deceptively spacious.

Of course, none of these items for the office are useful if you don’t have an office. If an office or co-working space is on your holiday wish list, contact Jackie today and start working tomorrow.