How many of you are running your businesses from your homes? I hope this works well for you, but I have an interesting story to relay.

Several years ago, I worked with a very successful woman who was and still is one of the world’s leading microscopists. She markets and trains on microscopes and other related scientific imaging equipment. She had worked out of her home for years, traveling the world and building an impressive reputation. But she eventually outgrew her home. Her fax machine was on the third floor; her offices (for herself and her husband/partner) were in the spare bedrooms on the second floor; I worked in the dining room on the main floor; her files were in the basement. She finally had to find office space.

Luckily, they were building out an old factory not far from her home. She took a suite of offices there — two offices, a conference room, a file room, and an anteroom/reception area — after working out of her home for years.

She told me that, when she first stepped foot in the finished space, she thought, “Now I’m a REAL business,” even though she had been successfully operating for years before that. Making that concrete physical move made her feel even more successful.

With Google street view and all nowadays, is it time for you to move out of your home?

Just a thought……