There’s been so much in the news lately about security. 60 Minutes did a segment last night on how our cell phones — in essence, our portable mini super computers — are not at all secure, and how easy it is to hack into them from anywhere in the world.  Once someone has hacked into your phone, they have access to all the information you  have on it, a list of everyone you’ve called and their phone information, etc. Think how devastating that could be!

The main point I took away from the story was that I should somewhat try to limit how much I use wireless connections. I know it’s very convenient, but I will especially limit any transactions done on my cell phone or my wirelessly-connected tablet when I can.

My reason for bringing this up is to caution businesses who strictly rely on cell phones, especially if you perform confidential work. There are a lot of government contractors in this region who do confidential work. So, if and when the time comes for you to get an office — or if you’re already in an office — make sure you have regular access to a land line to conduct any confidential business. Many business centers include the option for a land-line telephone with the office rental as well as plugging into a hard-wired Internet access.

In addition, if security is important, are you working in a secure environment? The new flexible spaces are nice, but not very secure. Anyone can see what you’re doing. You don’t always have a dedicated space in which to secure your belongings (assuming you don’t want to take everything with you all the time). Of course, you can pay for a dedicated space.

So, when you think about expanding into office space, consider your security.