It finally arrived last weekend….SPRING! I’m always happy to see the all the blossoms and the lovely shade of “new” green that will soon overcome the trees. There is the excitement of new things growing and/or returning after the winter hibernation. Of course, this winter wrought havoc on a lot of the plants; they started to blossom early only to be hit with the cold again. So it will be interesting to see what our spring is like when it’s finally warm to stay!

I originally wrote this on Monday…which I see as an opportunity to greet another work week and see what it brings. Too many of us wish our lives away by urging Friday to come sooner. But entrepreneurs don’t always dread Mondays. We’re often eager to tackle the challenges of the new  week. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy a lazy weekend as much as anyone, but I also enjoy working and trying to “make things happen” here at my business.

  • What company is moving to the area and needs a temporary home until their more permanent space is ready?
  • What company has just hired a local representative who needs an office?
  • What start-up needs to move out of their bedroom/dining room/garage but isn’t ready for a long-term lease and the costs involved in building out their own space?
  • How can I help my tenants’ businesses?
  • Who will I meet this week that may need the services of one of my tenants?

So let’s face this new season of anticipation and growth in just that spirit!

And don’t let rainy days and Mondays get you down!