I’ve been in this business for nearly 14 years now. I’ve seen a lot of new players enter the game. Yes, there’s much more competition, but there’s plenty of business out there for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are some out there that ruin it for the others. Small businesses or entrepreneurs hear “business center” or “executive suites,” and they recall how they were badly burned by one of the international business centers they rented from. I’ve heard the same feedback and complaints. Some people have tried to newer “flex space” or “open space” models. There are models out there for all kinds of business practices.

I don’t work the way they do. I’d love to hear from people that have rented office space in other business centers. What have your experiences been? What would you like in a center? What don’t you like?

Being a “solopreneur” in this industry — a fairly rare occurrence in this world of corporately-owned and -operated business centers — means I have more flexibility in my operations. So I’d love to know what would work for you, what you need for office space, and what really irritates you!

I look forward to your feedback.

Jackie Gilmartin